About Us

We are a family of five that loves spending time on the land. Edward began trapping in 2012 and learning traditional trapping techniques taught from his dad who was taught by previous family members. As our family has grown our boys have taken interest in being on the land and learning traditional trapping techniques. As we were gathering furs from the trapline, we decided the best way to use them and share the beautiful furs was to make homemade hats and top them off with a beautiful fur pom. The boys are usually out tracking and trapping the animals while Kristen is madly trying to keep up with hat orders. On a rare occasion the boys will take Kristen out to check traps and teach her all the things they have learnt on the trapline.
This business is a family affair from the boys preparing traps, setting them, to handling the fur. Then Kristen prepares the hats and adds the beautiful fur to them.
If we need more fur than we trap, we ensure to buy locally and support the hard working trappers in the Yukon.